To visit the Reggiano Apennines means to look for signs of man, history and time in an ever-changing landscape which is extremely different in its expressions, from the lower hills to the tallest peaks of the ridge, which imposes its proper roots in the natural environment and loyalty to its proper traditions.

With a bit of curiosity you can find extraordinary places and landscapes, perhaps even unique in their kind. For this reason we would like to help you: we want you to plan your ideal itinerary, limiting ourselves only to indicate a few of the roads to be travelled to approach and enter into this territory which has a multitude of discovery possibilities. You have 870 sq. km at your feet, of mountains and hills with soft slopes. From Piedmont all the way to the peaks of the Apennines chain, which here reach and even pass 2000 m. in altitude. Three main valleys mark this territory, created by the Secchia, Enza and Dolo rivers.

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The product of these lands in fact still today is of excellent quality as is attested by the numerous feasts in the area dedicated to the chestnut and to the superb "marrone" chestnut. But this is not the only typical agricultural food product of the area: this is the cradle of the famous Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese and of Lambrusco wine, which you will find in every restaurant or trattoria in the area, known and appreciated worldwide. With its rich pastures the area furthermore offers a wide range of products which are at least worth a taste and for which very strict regulations have been drafted for their protection. First among these is the Pecorino cheese of the Reggiano Apennines, the bacon of Casina, then the Salumi and "Zucotto" of Castelnovo ne' Monti (a sort of spiced pork sausage, known to gourmets). The traditional balsamic vinegar of Reggio has in the Canossa fort its first mention, which attested to its value and prestige already in the first half of the XI century.


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