About us

 The Kreator Construction Company operates in the Reggio Emilia region of Italy.

The company is owned by Arkadiusz Kajka.

The company provides services within the single-family housing construction sector, with full a range of finishing works and building repairs , with original architectural features (e.g. natural stonewood) preserved.
While preserving the historical look of a building, we perform interior finishing according to high standards, with the use of state-of-the-art technologies (e.g. turbo-fireplaces,solar panels for heating houses and swimming pools)
 If you are too busy to participate actively in the development of an investment, we recommend using our services as project manager to carry out construction or repair works. In this situation we take over full management, complete formalities in municipal offices and supply material, etcand also inform you systematically via e-mail of developments in your investment.
Materials used by us have certificates of application in recognised by our highly technologically advanced construction industry.

For customers with wider requirements we also offer a range of landscaping services - weestablish gardens, installing garden watering systems,
constructing artificial slopes and build retaining walls.
We offer professional engineering design and workmanship.
By choosing our company you will significantly reduce the costs of your investment in house construction or repair.
We observe transparent rules of cooperation. 
·        Construction cost estimates are drawn up based on the design elaborated and agreed with the investor.
·        They include specification of construction and finishing materials.
·        Acceptance of the cost estimate is a signal for us to begin organisation of the construction.
From the very beginning the customerknow the full investment cost, which after acceptance remains unchangeable until the construction ends.
At the individual request of a customer we may present designs of interior arrangement and décor by an interior designer.



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